Tiny Homes, 3 things you should know. Tiny Houses Financing vs. Park Model Loans.

This series is done in three parts. In the first part we discuss how tiny homes are not built to any building codes, but Park Models. In the second part we discuss how expensive tiny houses can be. For part three we discuss how financing is not available for tiny homes. However, we do give solutions to for this three part series.

https://www.tinygetawayhomes.com is a resource for you to get more information about Park Models. Unlike tiny homes Park Models are built to the ANSI code which is the same code RV’s are built to.

https://www.mhloancenter.com can help you with Park Model financing. As of now, tiny home financing is not available.

Modular Home Plans Offer Dream House on a Budget

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Choosing a House Plan for Your Dream Home

Home Improvements – Planning

Choosing The Best Kitchen Floor Plan For Your Family

Choosing the Right House Plan

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