Flippin Trailers. Not Flipping Houses. Learn from the Mobile Home Experts. Episode 2/3.

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Instead of Flipping Houses, we are Flippin Trailers. In this Series we walk you thru 5 Mobile Home Parks and 4 new Manufactured Homes. We also take you to two vacant lots where to check the quality of the lot prep. Lot prep is one of the first steps when you put a manufactured home on an above ground foundation system. It’s important we follow title 25 and provide our customers with a quality foundation base. It requires the lot meet specific compaction standards. Once it’s compacted the road base is then sprayed with water until wet. This creates a solid foundation limiting the settling of the home.

Experience the daily work life of Manufactured Housing Experts. Learn what it takes to flip mobile homes, manufactured homes, tiny homes and park models. Our mission is to share the lifestyle and quality to help you make an informed decision.

California is one of the most expensive states when it comes to living expenses. Leased-land communities allow for lower priced homes, making the lifestyle more affordable. You can live a better quality of life. Owning a home in a mobile home park allows you to live the American Dream of becoming a homeowner.

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Answering Your Modular Home Questions

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