A Colorful IKEA Bedroom Makeover

What’s the trick to getting a great night’s sleep? Picking the perfect mattress is only the beginning! Watch as H&H’s Stacey Smithers and Reiko Caron transform a tired, cluttered bedroom and ensuite into a soothing haven for a busy homeowner, using a serene palette, smart and customized storage solutions and gorgeous finds from IKEA. Get Stacey and Reiko’s checklist of what to consider when personalizing your own bedroom, from luxurious bedding to layered lighting.

Presented by IKEA.


Bedroom: GJÖRA Bed, BJÖRKSNÄS Nightstands, TARVA Dressers, MATRAND Memory foam mattress, NYMÅNE Table lamp (on bedsides), EVEDAL Table lamp (on dresser), SJUTTIOFEM Pendant lamp shade, white, round, STOCKHOLM 2017 Rug, STOCKSUND Bench, (Bench shown with LANDSKRONA legs), VEDBO Armchair, AINA pink pillow cover, JOFRID natural pillow cover, VIGDIS green pillow cover, NATTJASMIN beige pillow cases, GULVED bed spread, GLITTRIG Ivory and black bowls, ENTYDIG light green bowl, ÖSTERNÄS Leather handle (on dresser), FJÄDRAR Pillow inserts, KÄLLKRASSE Duvet, KORNVALLMO Pillow, PUDERVIVA Duvet cover and pillowcases, PUDERVIVA Sheet set, MATHEA Throw, SKOLD Sheepskin, YPPERLIG Vase, ÖSTLIG Plant pot, Wallpaper, Thibault, Paint: Light Blue No.22 (ceiling), Mouse’s Back No.40 (dressers) and Green Smoke No.47 (table in window), Farrow & Ball, Painting and wallpapering, Finer Edge, Bathroom: SALVIKEN Hand towel, BALUNGEN Hook, SONDRUP Rug, Wallpaper, Thibault, BLÄNDANDE Candle holder, Wallpapering, Finer Edge.

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