2018 Princess Margaret Showhome: Bedrooms, Bathrooms & Basement Tour

Designer Brian Gluckstein reveals the beautiful bedrooms, bathrooms and basement inside the 2018 Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery Showhome. (Order tickets now at https://princessmargaretlotto.com for your chance to win this home!) The second floor features four unique bedrooms — one with a dark grey-blue palette, another with painted faux mouldings and a Parisian theme, and the third with a dream canopy bed and a rich red accent wall. The master bedroom’s monochromatic blush pink scheme and oversized tufted headboard make a statement, too. Discover how plaid wallpaper and Missoni metallic zig zag and textured floral designs give the ensuite bathrooms a luxurious look. Plus, see the spacious dressing room and the additional laundry closet. In the basement, lots of seating, oversized board games and a two-lane bowling alley create the ultimate entertaining space.

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Presented by the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre Home Lottery.

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